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Geri Givens Taylor
I took a class in black and white film photography while enrolled at Louisiana Tech and continued using a 35mm until the fabulous and affordable extreme hobbyist digital cameras hit the market.  

I use a Nikon D-80 and D-90 with a variety of lens, filters, and flashes, but what I really enjoy is Photoshop!

I love digital photography and have captured hundreds of thousands of images. 

I love the magic of capturing the perfect split second in time that photography has to offer combined with computer generated enhancements.

I am available for photoshoots or just send me your own image and let me create a digital piece art specifically "TAYLORED" to you style.
I cannot take the credit for actually capturing this image.  It was sent to me in an email from a friend who was about to shave off his beard.  

So I had some fun with the image on Photoshop and sent this masterpiece back to him immortalizing him as a work of art for all eternity!
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