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"A real writer knows when to hit the delete key." Geri G. Taylor 2003
I barely passed grammar in high school, but I was always praised for my creativity and I thank my English teachers for their encouragement. I really appreciate my purchasing editor, Jane Bonander, and my publisher, Nancy Schumacher, with Melange Books, LLC for teaching me a great deal about editing and making my dream of being a published author a reality.
Joule Dalton, a successful interior designer with a prestigious architectural firm, lived her life choreographed by her loved ones until a tragedy forces her to learn her own steps. Allen Brooks has endured his own share of manipulations and all his hard work and sacrifice has left him with nothing. He wears his troubles like the too large overcoat he picked up at a mission while living on the streets. This coat brings them together in an unexpected way. Joule takes the misfortunate Allen into her home in hopes of turning his life around. She gives him a place to live, a job, even introduces him to her wealthy friends. What she does not give him is her trust. This he must earn. The two combine their dreams and create a wonderful relationship. Then Allen gets a call that will challenge his sense of responsibility. He makes a choice, one that Joule cannot begrudge. Allen struggles with his decision while Joule goes back to her old life until they both realize what they really want. 

Geri, your writing style is very unique and flows easily. Your book was a "page turner" I couldn't set it down...

Portions of her comment have been deleted because they gave away the plot.

You tricked me again and that shows true talent of a writer: to keep the reader guessing until the very end. I had no idea you were so talented! I truly hope to see more of your work in the near future and start my own Geri G. Taylor collection!

All the best,
Brenda Hudgens Fritz

The Kitchen Dance by Geri G. Taylor

It's not often that a book captures my interest with the prologue, but
"The Kitchen Dance" by Geri G. Taylor quickly drew me into the life of
Joule, a free-spirited artist who brought back memories of an artist I
dated long ago. The words dance across the page, and even though the
story will appeal more to the female reader, within minutes I wanted
to learn more about this special trench coat from Joule’s past, and
what had happened to the man who once wore it.Her old friend
Roosevelt, wise with age, is quietly over-protective, grouchy, and
even overbearing at times. These are good traits, and I liked him. We
should all have such a friend.

'The Kitchen Dance' would make a delightful movie for the young
artistic crowd, especially those with a kind heart. And after watching
the movie, they'll come back to visit the book, if only to compare
notes. One cannot help but be drawn into a close relationship with
Joule, her friends, and her world. A woman who prefers driving a truck
or old van has a special appeal, especially if they have a luxury car
sitting in the garage.

Geri Taylor pulls the reader into each character's life with subtle
details of quirky personalities, a skill that normally comes only with
time and years of writing experience. Or, it could be that she has
revealed pieces from her own creative life, sharing tiny bits with
each character, both men and women.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and believe you will too.

Happy Reading,
Gary Leachman
Defining Women's Evolution in Discovery Blog 05/15/2013 
A Review of "The Kitchen Dance" by Krystal Milton

A uniquely told love story, this book was. To me, it was a very touching and intriguing read. I loved the sense of morality Geri shows as her character Joule helps out a fellow man by taking him in off the streets.

Like with anything in life, a little bit of good can go a long way, but in any respect you also have the bad that comes along with it. I loved the flow of how ones past and indiscretions in life can come to haunt them as they try so desperately to weave a prosperous future. These issues are relatable, and fixed within the storyline so beautifully with a cast of characters you cant help but to embrace. 

The characters were well defined as their tale of finding oneself and love developed through this endearing read. 

Very well done Geri.
Craigslist WRITING Forum Jan 12, 2014

An excerpt from a comment some anonymous commenter that I felt reinforced my story line more than negated it: 

"And then this woman, well situated and designing interiors, gets a rubbie off the street, takes him in. 

This is a once-in-a-lifetime wishful dreaming. This never happened to me. And believe me, I know poverty like the back of my hand. Social workers at the welfare office handle my social insurance card by first putting on a pair of sterile surgical gloves. 

Actually, I daresay that the scenario in your book happens either never, in the USA, or once out of every 4,000,000,000,000,000,000.02 chance encounters between a trendy rich girl and a rubbie. On the average. (After rounding.)"

This book tapped into all my emotions! Sad,happy&MAD. Made me cry,laugh&want to smack the villain!! Easy reading & I didn't want to put the book down!! Great job Geri.
A Friend or Something
A short film
written by Geri G. Taylor